Mellissa Wood, ACIAR, Australia

Mellissa Wood

Mellissa Wood is ACIAR’s General Manager, Global Programs and Director, Australian International Food Security Centre (AIFSC) 2012-2016. She has a strong interest in improving the adoption of research outputs for food and nutrition security outcomes, with a focus on the roles of public policy and the private sector to facilitate this. As AIFSC Director, her research focus broadened to include designing and monitoring for nutrition elements in food security research. Previously, she was Director, Program Development, Global Crop Diversity Trust (2007-2012), working with FAO and CGIAR on developing and implementing a global strategy for the conservation and access of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. In Australia, Mellissa’s experience includes 15 years in the Bureau of Rural Sciences, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry supporting evidence-based agriculture and natural resource policy using spatial data and online decision support tools. This included as Program Leader, Information and Risk Sciences where she managed the establishment of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Risk Analysis (CEBRA) in 2006 and ran a team that provided scientific support to Biosecurity Australia. Prior to that, Mellissa was Manager of Australia’s National Forest Inventory where she represented Australia on the Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) and Montreal Process. Mellissa holds a BSc in Resource and Environmental Management and Master in Public Policy in Development.

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