Serge Savary, French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), France

Serge Savary

Serge Savary is a plant pathologist with the French Institute for Agricultural Research, INRA. His main fields of interest are plant disease epidemiology; crop loss assessment; the impacts of plant diseases and pests at a range of scales, from local to global; the implications of crop losses towards food security; and the application of systems analysis approaches to crop health management. Much of his research has been conducted in the developing world, including West Africa (1980-1990), Tropical and Sub-Tropical Asia (1990-1999, and 2008-2011), Central America (2000-2002), but he also has conducted research in France (2005-2008, and 2011- present). He has worked on diseases in tropical vegetables and grain legumes (West Africa), in beans and coffee (Central America), rice (Tropical Asia), and on grapevine and wheat health (France). A constant feature of his research is to try and identify patterns in production situations that enable to better understand crop health; to locate entry points for sustainable crop health management; and to foresee the needs for future research. As Vice President of the International Society of Plant Pathology (ISPP), he is particularly paying attention to the Subject Matter Committees of the Society, including the one he created and chairs, the Crop Loss Subject Matter Committee of the ISPP.

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