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Naushad Emmambux, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Serge Savary

Naushad Emmambux is currently an Associate Professor at the department of Food Science, University of Pretoria. He is also a C2 rated researcher by the NRF and the research leader for food processing at the DST/NRF centre of excellence in food security. He lectures in food chemistry, cereal science and technology, food product development and food rheology.

His research is broadly on African food biopolymers for nutrition and functional use. The main focus is on chemistry of starch modification with lipids for ‘clean label starches’ for production of nano-materials; non-gelling high viscosity starches for stabilizer and fat replacers; low glycaemic index foods; encapsulation of neutraceuticals; and biocomposites with other biopolymers. He is interested in the area of food chemistry, food rheology, spectroscopy, microscopy and nanotechnology.

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