Scientific Committee

Lise KorstenUniversity of Pretoria, South Africa

Alex Awiti

Prof Korsten is currently the Co-Director within the DST/ NRF Centre of Excellence Food Security.  She is also responsible for the food safety and regulatory control research programmes within the Centre of Excellence.  She is an editor of the journal Crop Protection and is chairing the International Society for Plant Pathology Task Force on Global Food Security. She is also a member of the Board of the Agro-Food Safety section as an Associate Editor of Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems.  Prof Korsten is a fellow of the Academy of Science of South Africa.  She has published more than 130 peer reviewed international papers, 30 chapters in books, conference proceedings or books and close to 80 invited papers.  Prof Korsten has focussed her research mainly on complementary fields of postharvest pathology and food safety as related to international trade in fresh produce.  She established research teams in food safety, postharvest pathology, biocontrol and mushroom and fruit health. As a team they have been able to develop several innovative technologies to reduce diseases and prevent product contamination.  She has been able to attract extensive national and international funding and has an extensive international network focusing on the plant microbiome.  Prof Korsten has developed one of the first biocontrol products in South Africa that was patented, registered and commercialised and has since expanded her interest to microbial adaptations for disease control and food safety interventions.  


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